• Surgical Instruments

    modern implant solutions deserve an intuitive Surgical Kit

      Simple and intuitive with small foot print
      Hex control system for advanced guided surgeries
      High quality user-friendly component
      High performance drills with maximum durability

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Surgical Instruments

The Biodenta implant system does not require complex or complicated surgical instruments. The implant bed preparation and implant placement can be performed by only one surgical kit.

All the instruments are well positioned in the surgical kit. The middle area is reserved for the drills and drivers. A clear orientation and coloured rubber rings make the procedures very obvious to understand and follow. It is also equipped with a small container for bone graft material for sterilization. The lower section covers instruments and torque wrench. It is also equipped with a compact box for sterilization of healing abutments and closure screws prior to the operation and with a plastic mat for holding the used drills during surgery.

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